Inventory 6-Person safari tents

Both the 6-Person XXL safari tent and the 6-Person safari cottage are equipped with the following furnishings and inventory.  


Wooden floor, beds: 1 x double and 2 x bunk beds (mattress 90cm x 200cm). The rooms are separated by beautiful scaffolding walls.
Table with chairs and bench seat. Two lounge chairs, corner sofa with cushions, shelf cabinet, lighting, gas stove.


including refrigerator, kitchenette with four-burner stove, kitchen cabinet, 86 lt refrigerator, various kitchen utensils, kitchen linens, Nespresso machine, kettle, trash can and more. 


Under the large awning is a picnic table. (There is no BBQ included in the inventory as the picture might suggest)
Sanitary facilities and water points are located in the toilet building next to the field.

Our 6-Person safari tents include:

Everything is provided for good cooking. There is a 4-burner stove, 2 saucepans, a saucepan, a frying pan and a wok pan. There is also a kettle and a Nespresso machine (Magimix).
There is crockery for 6 people.

–  There are 2 sleeping cabins with scaffolding wood furniture. Using curtains, the sleeping quarters can be closed off from the living area.

The complete inventory includes:

Kitchen block (1) gas stove 4-burner (1) gas hose + gas pressure regulator (1) gas bottle (1) saucepan (1) frying pan (2) saucepan (2) frying pan (2) frying pan/wok (1) 
Kitchen Tableware
Flat plate large (6) flat plate small (6) bowl (6)
wine cup (6) coffee cup (6) drinking cup (6) children’s dinnerware plastic: drinking cup (4) plate (4) tray (4) fork (4) spoon (4) knife (4)
Kitchen utensils miscellaneous
Stock cans (3) wipes (2) tea towels (2) pan rag (2) trivet (3) storage clip (2) pepper mill (1) salt mill (1) dish soap (1) all-purpose cleaner (1) salad bowl (1) bread tin (1) measuring cup (1) colander (2) kettle (1) salad cutlery (2) whisk (1) cutting board (2) cutlery tray (1) Nespresso Magimix (1) kettle (1)
Knife (6), steak knife (6) fork (6) spoon (6) dessert spoon (6) teaspoon (6) cake fork (6) meat knife (1) bread knife (1) paring knife (2)  pasta spoon (1) ladle (1) ladle (1) serving spoon (1) corkscrew (1) can opener (1) scissors (1) garlic press (1) cheese slicer (1) peeler (1) spatula (1) whisk (1) tongs (1)
Clothes hanger (6) refrigerator (1) clothes line (1) bucket (1) ashtray (1) lighter (1) trash can (1) broom (1) dustpan and brush (1) dishcloth (1) dish brush (1) jerry can (1) tray (1) Kubbs game (1) Domino game (1) candle and holder (4) flower vase (1) scouring sponge (1) first aidkit (1) fire extinguisher (1) smoke detector (1) vacuum cleaner (1) outdoor storage box (1)
Safari inventory
Indoor table
wood (1) chairs incl. cushion (3) outdoor table wood (1) wooden bench incl. 3 pillow (1) lounge chairs incl. seat and back cushion (2) lounge corner incl. seat and back cushions (1) side table (1) hanging/leg cabinet (1) gas stove with hose and pressure regulator (1) bedside table (1) fleece blanket (2) decorative pillow (4) outdoor picnic bench (1) outdoor lounge bench (1) lounge bench cushion (4)
Sockets, pendant lamp inside (1) pendant lamp outside (1) floor lamp (1) spotlight (2) bedside lamp at all beds (6)
xSingle bed with 2 mattresses and 4 x single bed, mattresses 20 x 90 x 200 cm
Bedding per bed: Pillow, comforter, bedspread, bed linen. On the double bed there are 2 extra decorative pillows

Bring your own
towels, bath towels.

Baby kit: extra to book
can book a baby kit (crib incl mattress and high chair) if you wish. Excludes linen, blanket and pillow.

Sanitary facilities and water points are located in the toilet building next to the field.

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