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The ultimate Oerol campsite

Camping de Kooi is the most centrally located camping during the Oerol festival. And therefore well known by Oerol visitors for many years. In our restaurant with sunny terrace, you are welcome for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s nice and cosy here during the day and in the evening you can enjoy various DJs and acts. Those who don’t want to go to their tent on an empty stomach, can get delicious burgers at our Burgerbar until late. We also offer you an advantageous camping arrangement.

Oerol camping arrangement Programm 2022

Camping at De Kooi during Oerol

There are various possibilities to stay at the ultimate Oerol campsite of Terschelling.

Book the Oerol camping package
– Bring your own tent and book here
– Rent a fully equipped tent from Primakamp

Oerol camping package

Together with Zeelen bike rental and Primakamp tent rental Camping de Kooi offers you the opportunity to book your bicycle + tent + campsite all in one time. The Oerol camping package is meant for two persons and can be booked for the first weekend, a mid-week or the second weekend of Oerol. For more information about this package, look here. You can Boeken it easily and quickly via Primakamp tent rental.

Besides booking an Oerol camping package, you can also rent a single tent from Primakamp and have them place it at Camping de Kooi for you. Fully equipped and no fussing with building it.

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Oerol festival 2024

Oerol 2024 : Friday, June 7 until Sunday, June 16

During this ten-day cultural festival the whole island serves as a stage for theatre, art and music. The main festival area is located at the parking lot of West aan Zee, next to the beach. Camping de Kooi is situated nearby. Er zijn twee festivalterreinen; het betonningsterrein in West-Terschelling en de Westerkeyn in Midsland. The Kooi is the ultimate Oerol campsite for older youngsters and for youthfull elderly. Visit for more information about the programme and to order your festival wristband.

oerol Festival-Band

Programme Restaurant 2022

Preliminary programme Eetcafe de Kooi during Oerol 2022.

Vrijdag 10 juni: 16:00 uur Vincent van Zaalen | 22:30 uur DJ TDK
Zaterdag 11 juni: 16:00 uur Carumba | 22:30 Swokmasters
Maandag 13 juni: 16:00 uur Vincent van Zaalen
Donderdag 16 juni: 22:30 DJ Nilz (sunshine Avalanche)
Vrijdag 17 juni: 16:00 uur De mobiele eenheid | 22:30 uur DJ Tommy
Zaterdag 18 juni: 16:00 uur De Softies | 22:30 uur Swokmasters

Bicycle rent during Oerol

During Oerol the bike rental companies take care of the transport of your luggage to and from the campsite for free. When you arrive on the island, you can hire a bicycle directly at the harbour and the concerning company transports your luggage to the campsite. On the day of department they pick up your luggage and transport it back to the harbour. Make sure that your luggage gets on board by yourself. Ask your bike rental company about the possibilities.